Today, I would like to share my experience with custom views, and hopefully this can help someone to create their own custom view. The custom view here is a simple analog clock, it’s analog clock view where we can put it in xml to show it. Here is the sample

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It’s been a while since I wrote my last article, today I would like to share more about something. Let’s talk about performance. I will give a little sample how we can improve performance of our app with simple step.

We know that good performance should not be lagging. By not lagging, it means that we should load the UI with 16ms/frame or 60 frames/second. The question is how do we achieve it?

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Today, I would like to talk about MVP in android. I know that there are a lot of resources recently talking about MVP in android. MVP is now considered as the best architecture available in Android Development. I tried to learn about this clean archictecture, and I admit it is quite hard to learn for newbie like me.

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Hello, I am Huteri Manza, and this is my blog. I always think that the people who know the information are the only people who need to share it. I belive that we live in the connected world, and the more we are connected, the more we know how to live in it.

Ok, forget it.

In this blog, I hope I can share some useful informations that I believe will be my documentation for life.